How much is shipping?

FREE shipping for orders over $50, with the code FREESHIP.

When will you ship my order?

We'll do our best to ship within two business days of your order. Note some orders are custom made and might take longer. This helps us reduce waste and save some cold, hard cash. 

Is this legit?

100%. Check out our IG to see peeps rockin' the goods.

Do you offer returns?

Shoot us an email, info@guiltygoods.us and we'll make it right. 

How is sizing?

Depends on the product. Each product page will tell you if you're inbetween sizes.

How much is donated to charity?

10% of all profits. Each drop will be to a different cause, outlined on the product page.

Got a question?

Contact us.

Who is running this show?

Guilty Goods was started in late 2020 as a passion project from Pete Hall, whose own life has been massively shaped by sneaker and streetwear culture. Read more here.